School: Abjuration
NameComponentsCasting TimeActions
AlarmV, S, F/DF1 actionView
Antilife ShellV, S, DF1 full roundView
Antimagic FieldV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Antiplant ShellV, S, DF1 actionView
Arcane LockV, S, M1 actionView
AtonementV, S, M, F, DF, XP1 hourView
BanishmentV, S, F1 actionView
Break EnchantmentV, S1 minuteView
Cloak of ChaosV, S, F1 actionView
Dimensional AnchorV, S1 actionView
DismissalV, S, F/DF1 actionView
Dispel ChaosV, S, DF1 actionView
Dispel EvilV, S, DF1 actionView
Dispel GoodV, S, DF1 actionView
Dispel LawV, S, DF1 actionView
Dispel MagicV, S1 actionView
Endure ElementsV, S1 actionView
Entropic ShieldV, S1 actionView
Explosive RunesV, S1 actionView
Fire TrapV, S, M10 minutesView
ForbiddanceV, S, M, DF6 roundsView
FreedomV, S1 actionView
Freedom of MovementV, S, M, DF1 actionView
Globe of InvulnerabilityV, S, M1 actionView
Glyph of WardingV, S, M10 minutesView
Greater DispellingV, S1 actionView
Greater Glyph of WardingV, S, M10 minutesView
Guards and WardsV, S, M, F30 minutes (D)View
Hold PortalV1 actionView
Holy AuraV, S, F1 actionView
ImprisonmentV, S1 actionView
Invisibility to AnimalsS, DF1 actionView
Invisibility to UndeadV, S, DF1 actionView
Magic Circle against ChaosV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Magic Circle against EvilV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Magic Circle against GoodV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Magic Circle against LawV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Mind BlankV, S1 actionView
Minor Globe of InvulnerabilityV, S, M1 actionView
Mordenkainen's DisjunctionV1 actionView
Negative Energy ProtectionV, S1 actionView
NondetectionV, S, M1 actionView
Obscure ObjectV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Prismatic SphereV1 actionView
Prismatic WallV, S1 actionView
Protection from ArrowsV, S, F1 actionView
Protection from ChaosV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Protection from ElementsV, S, DF1 actionView
Protection from EvilV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Protection from GoodV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Protection from LawV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Protection from SpellsV, S, M, F1 actionView
Remove CurseV, S1 actionView
Remove FearV, S1 actionView
Repel Metal or StoneV, S1 actionView
Repel VerminV, S, DF1 actionView
RepulsionV, S, F/DF1 actionView
Resist ElementsV, S, DF1 actionView
ResistanceV, S, M/DF1 actionView
SanctuaryV, S, DF1 actionView
SequesterV, S, M1 actionView
ShieldV, S1 actionView
Shield of FaithV, S, M1 actionView
Shield of LawV, S, F1 actionView
Shield OtherV, S, F1 actionView
Spell ImmunityV, S, DF1 actionView
Spell ResistanceV, S, DF1 actionView
Spell TurningV, S, M/DF1 actionView
StoneskinV, S, M1 actionView
Undetectable AlignmentV, S1 actionView
Unholy AuraV, S, F1 actionView
School: Conjuration
NameComponentsCasting TimeActions
Acid FogV, S, M/DF1 actionView
CloudkillV, S1 actionView
Create Food and WaterV, S10 minutesView
Create WaterV, S1 actionView
Creeping DoomV, S1 full roundView
Cure Critical WoundsV, S1 actionView
Cure Light WoundsV, S1 actionView
Cure Minor WoundsV, S1 actionView
Cure Moderate WoundsV, S1 actionView
Cure Serious WoundsV, S1 actionView
Delay PoisonV, S, DF1 actionView
Drawmij's Instant SummonsV, S, M1 actionView
Elemental SwarmV, S10 minutesView
Evard's Black TentaclesV, S, M1 actionView
Fire SeedsV, S, M1 action/seedView
Flame ArrowV, S, M1 actionView
Fog CloudV, S1 actionView
GateV, S1 actionView
GlitterdustV, S, M1 actionView
GreaseV, S, M1 actionView
Greater Planar AllyV, S, DF10 minutesView
Greater Planar BindingV, S, M10 minutesView
HealV, S1 actionView
Heal MountV, S1 actionView
Healing CircleV, S1 actionView
Incendiary CloudV, S1 actionView
Insect PlagueV, S, DF1 full roundView
Leomund's Secret ChestV, S, F10 minutesView
Leomund's Secure ShelterV, S, M/DF (see text)10 minutesView
Lesser Planar AllyV, S, DF10 minutesView
Lesser Planar BindingV, S10 minutesView
Lesser RestorationV, S3 roundsView
Mage ArmorV, S, F1 actionView
Major CreationV, S, M10 minutesView
Mass HealV, S1 actionView
MazeV, S1 actionView
Melf's Acid ArrowV, S, M, F1 actionView
Minor CreationV, S, M1 minuteView
Mordenkainen's Faithful HoundV, S, M1 actionView
Mordenkainen's Magnificent MansionV, S, F1 actionView
MountV, S, M1 full roundView
Neutralize PoisonV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Obscuring MistV, S1 actionView
Phantom SteedV, S10 minutesView
Phase DoorV1 actionView
Planar AllyV, S, DF10 minutesView
Planar BindingV, S, M10 minutesView
Power Word, BlindV1 actionView
Power Word, KillV1 actionView
Power Word, StunV1 actionView
PrayerV, S, DF1 actionView
Raise DeadV, S, M, DF1 minuteView
Ray of FrostV, S1 actionView
RegenerateV, S, DF3 full roundsView
Remove Blindness/DeafnessV, S1 actionView
Remove DiseaseV, S1 actionView
Remove ParalysisV, S1 actionView
RestorationV, S, M3 roundsView
ResurrectionV, S, M, DF10 minutesView
Sepia Snake SigilV, S, M10 minutesView
ShamblerV, S1 actionView
Sleet StormV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Solid FogV, S, M1 actionView
Stinking CloudV, S, M1 actionView
Storm of VengeanceV, S1 full roundView
Summon Monster IV, S, F/DF1 full roundView
Summon Monster IIV, S, F/DF1 full roundView
Summon Monster IIIV, S, F/DF1 full roundView
Summon Monster IVV, S, F/DF1 full roundView
Summon Monster IXV, S, F/DF1 full roundView
Summon Monster VV, S, F/DF1 full roundView
Summon Monster VIV, S, F/DF1 full roundView
Summon Monster VIIV, S, F/DF1 full roundView
Summon Monster VIIIV, S, F/DF1 full roundView
Summon Nature's Ally IV, S, DF1 full roundView
Summon Nature's Ally IIV, S, DF1 full roundView
Summon Nature's Ally IIIV, S, DF1 full roundView
Summon Nature's Ally IVV, S, DF1 full roundView
Summon Nature's Ally IXV, S, DF1 full roundView
Summon Nature's Ally VV, S, DF1 full roundView
Summon Nature's Ally VIV, S, DF1 full roundView
Summon Nature's Ally VIIV, S, DF1 full roundView
Summon Nature's Ally VIIIV, S, DF1 full roundView
Summon SwarmV, S, M/DF1 full roundView
Trap the SoulV, S, M, (F)1 action or see textView
True ResurrectionV, S, M, DF10 minutesView
Unseen ServantV, S, M1 actionView
Wall of IronV, S, M1 actionView
Wall of StoneV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Wall of ThornsV, S1 actionView
WebV, S, M1 actionView
School: Divination
NameComponentsCasting TimeActions
Analyze DweomerV, S, F8 hoursView
Arcane EyeV, S, M10 minutesView
AuguryV, S, F1 actionView
Clairaudience/ClairvoyanceV, S, F/DF1 actionView
CommuneV, S, M, DF, XP10 minutesView
Commune with NatureV, S10 minutesView
Comprehend LanguagesV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Contact Other PlaneV10 minutesView
Detect Animals or PlantsV, S1 actionView
Detect ChaosV, S, DF1 actionView
Detect EvilV, S, DF1 actionView
Detect GoodV, S, DF1 actionView
Detect LawV, S, DF1 actionView
Detect PoisonV, S1 actionView
Detect ScryingV, S, M1 actionView
Detect Secret DoorsV, S1 actionView
Detect Snares and PitsV, S1 actionView
Detect ThoughtsV, S, F/DF1 actionView
Detect UndeadV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Discern LiesV, S, DF1 actionView
Discern LocationV, S, DF10 minutesView
DivinationV, S, M10 minutesView
Find the PathV, S, F3 roundsView
Find TrapsV, S1 actionView
ForesightV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Greater ScryingV, S1 actionView
GuidanceV, S1 actionView
IdentifyV, S, M/DF8 hoursView
Know DirectionV, S1 actionView
Legend LoreV, S, M, FSee textView
Locate CreatureV, S, M1 actionView
Locate ObjectV, S, F/DF1 actionView
Prying EyesV, S, M1 minuteView
Rary's Telepathic BondV, S, M1 actionView
ScryingV, S, M/DF, F1 hourView
See InvisibilityV, S, M1 actionView
Speak with AnimalsV, S1 actionView
Speak with PlantsV, S1 actionView
StatusV, S1 actionView
Stone TellV, S, DF10 minutesView
TonguesV, M/DF1 actionView
True SeeingV, S, M1 actionView
True StrikeV, F1 actionView
VisionV, S, M, XP1 actionView
School: Enchantment
NameComponentsCasting TimeActions
AidV, S, DF1 actionView
Animal FriendshipV, S, M1 actionView
Animal MessengerV, S, M1 actionView
Animal TranceV, S1 actionView
AntipathyV, S, M/DF1 hourView
BaneV, S, DF1 actionView
BindingV, S, MOne minuteView
BlessV, S, DF1 actionView
Calm AnimalsV, S1 actionView
Calm EmotionsV, S, DF1 actionView
Charm MonsterV, S1 actionView
Charm PersonV, S1 actionView
Charm Person or AnimalV, S1 actionView
CommandV1 actionView
Command PlantsV1 actionView
ConfusionV, S, M/DF1 actionView
DazeV, S, M1 actionView
DemandV, S, M/DF10 minutesView
Dominate AnimalV, S1 actionView
Dominate MonsterV, S1 actionView
Dominate PersonV, S1 actionView
DoomV, S, DF1 actionView
EmotionV, S1 actionView
EnthrallV, S1 full roundView
FeeblemindV, S, M1 actionView
Geas/QuestV1 actionView
Greater CommandV1 actionView
Hold AnimalV, S1 actionView
Hold MonsterV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Hold PersonV, S, F/DF1 actionView
HypnotismV, S1 actionView
InsanityV, S1 actionView
Lesser GeasV1 actionView
Mass CharmV1 actionView
Mass SuggestionV, M1 actionView
Mind FogV, S1 actionView
Modify MemoryV, S1 action (see text)View
Otto's Irresistible DanceV1 actionView
Random ActionV, S, DF1 actionView
SleepV, S, M/DF1 actionView
SuggestionV, M1 actionView
SympathyV, S, M1 hourView
Tasha's Hideous LaughterV, S, M1 actionView
Zone of TruthV, S, DF1 actionView
School: Evocation
NameComponentsCasting TimeActions
Bigby's Clenched FistV, S, F/DF1 actionView
Bigby's Crushing HandV, S, M, F/DF1 actionView
Bigby's Forceful HandV, S, F1 actionView
Bigby's Grasping HandV, S, F/DF1 actionView
Bigby's Interposing HandV, S, F1 actionView
Blade BarrierV, S1 full roundView
BlasphemyV1 actionView
Call LightningV, S10 minutes, plus 1 action per bolt calledView
Chain LightningV, S, F1 actionView
Chaos HammerV, S1 actionView
Cone of ColdV, S, M/DF1 actionView
ConsecrateV, S, M, DF1 actionView
ContingencyV, S, M, FAt least 10 minutes (see text)View
DarknessV, M/DF1 actionView
DaylightV, S1 actionView
Deeper DarknessV, S1 actionView
Delayed Blast FireballV, S, M1 actionView
DesecrateV, S, M, DF1 actionView
DictumV1 actionView
Divine FavorV, S, DF1 actionView
Divine PowerV, S, DF1 actionView
EarthquakeV, S, DF1 actionView
Faerie FireV, S, DF1 actionView
Fire ShieldV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Fire StormV, S1 full roundView
FireballV, S, M1 actionView
Flame BladeV, S, DF1 actionView
Flame StrikeV, S, DF1 actionView
Flaming SphereV, S, M/DF1 actionView
FlareV1 actionView
ForcecageV, S, M (see text)1 actionView
Gust of WindV, S, F1 actionView
HallowV, S, M, DFOne dayView
Helping HandV, S, DF1 actionView
Heroes' FeastV, S, DF10 minutesView
Holy SmiteV, S1 actionView
Holy SwordV, S1 actionView
Holy WordV1 actionView
Ice StormV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Imbue with Spell AbilityV, S, DF10 minutesView
ImplosionV, S1 actionView
Invisibility PurgeV, S1 actionView
Leomund's Tiny HutV, S, M1 actionView
LightV, M/DF1 actionView
Lightning BoltV, S, M1 actionView
Magic MissileV, S1 actionView
Meteor SwarmV, S1 actionView
MiracleV, S, XP (see text)1 actionView
Mordenkainen's SwordV, S, F1 actionView
Order's WrathV, S1 actionView
Otiluke's Freezing SphereV, S, F1 actionView
Otiluke's Resilient SphereV, S, M1 actionView
Otiluke's Telekinetic SphereV, S, M1 actionView
Prismatic SprayV, S1 actionView
Produce FlameV, S1 actionView
Searing LightV, S1 actionView
SendingV, S, M/DF10 minutesView
ShatterV, S, M/DF1 actionView
ShoutV1 actionView
Sound BurstV, S, F/DF1 actionView
Spiritual WeaponV, S, DF1 actionView
SunbeamV, S, DF1 actionView
SunburstV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Tenser's Floating DiskV, S, M1 actionView
UnhallowV, S, MOne dayView
Unholy BlightV, S1 actionView
Wall of FireV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Wall of ForceV, S, M1 actionView
Wall of IceV, S, M1 actionView
WhirlwindV, S, DF1 actionView
Wind WallV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Word of ChaosV1 actionView
School: Illusion
NameComponentsCasting TimeActions
BlurV1 actionView
Change SelfV, S1 actionView
Color SprayV, S, M1 actionView
Continual FlameV, S, M1 actionView
Dancing LightsV, S1 actionView
DisplacementV, M1 actionView
DreamV, S1 minuteView
False VisionV, S, M1 actionView
Ghost SoundV, S, M1 actionView
Greater Shadow ConjurationV, S1 actionView
Greater Shadow EvocationV, S1 actionView
Hallucinatory TerrainV, S, M10 minutesView
Hypnotic Pattern(V), S, M1 actionView
Illusory ScriptV, S, M1 minute or longer (see text)View
Illusory WallV, S1 actionView
Improved InvisibilityV, S1 actionView
InvisibilityV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Invisibility SphereV, S, M1 actionView
Leomund's TrapV, S, M1 actionView
Magic MouthV, S, M1 actionView
Major ImageV, S, F1 actionView
Mass InvisibilityV, S, M1 actionView
Minor ImageV, S, F1 actionView
Mirage ArcanaV, S1 actionView
Mirror ImageV, S1 actionView
MisdirectionV, S1 actionView
MisleadS1 actionView
NightmareV, S10 minutesView
Nystul's Magic AuraV, S, F1 actionView
Nystul's Undetectable AuraV, S, F1 actionView
Permanent ImageV, S, F1 actionView
Persistent ImageV, S, F1 actionView
Phantasmal KillerV, S1 actionView
Programmed ImageV, S, F1 actionView
Project ImageV, S, M1 actionView
Rainbow Pattern(V), S, M, F (see text)1 actionView
ScreenV, S10 minutesView
SeemingV, S1 actionView
ShadesV, S1 actionView
Shadow ConjurationV, S1 actionView
Shadow EvocationV, S1 actionView
Shadow WalkV, S1 actionView
SilenceV, S1 actionView
Silent ImageV, S, F1 actionView
SimulacrumV, S, M, XP12 hoursView
VeilV, S1 actionView
VentriloquismV, F1 actionView
WeirdV, S1 actionView
School: Necromancy
NameComponentsCasting TimeActions
Animate DeadV, S, M1 actionView
Astral ProjectionV, S, M30 minutesView
Cause FearV, S1 actionView
Chill TouchV, S1 actionView
Circle of DeathV, S, M1 actionView
Circle of DoomV, S1 actionView
CloneV, S, M, F10 minutesView
ContagionV, S1 actionView
Control UndeadV, S, M1 actionView
Create Greater UndeadV, S, M1 hourView
Create UndeadV, S, M1 hourView
Death KnellV, S1 actionView
Death WardV, S, DF1 actionView
DeathwatchV, S1 actionView
DestructionV, S, F1 actionView
Disrupt UndeadV, S1 actionView
Energy DrainV, S1 actionView
EnervationV, S1 actionView
FearV, S, M1 actionView
Finger of DeathV, S1 actionView
Gentle ReposeV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Ghoul TouchV, S, M1 actionView
Greater RestorationV, S, XP10 minutesView
Halt UndeadV, S, M1 actionView
HarmV, S1 actionView
Horrid WiltingV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Inflict Critical WoundsV, S1 actionView
Inflict Light WoundsV, S1 actionView
Inflict Minor WoundsV, S1 actionView
Inflict Moderate WoundsV, S1 actionView
Inflict Serious WoundsV, S1 actionView
Magic JarV, S, F1 actionView
PoisonV, S, DF1 actionView
Ray of EnfeeblementV, S1 actionView
ScareV, S, M1 actionView
Slay LivingV, S1 actionView
Soul BindV, S, F1 actionView
Speak with DeadV, S, DF10 minutesView
Spectral HandV, S1 actionView
Vampiric TouchV, S1 actionView
Wail of the BansheeV1 actionView
School: Transmutation
NameComponentsCasting TimeActions
Air WalkV, S, DF1 actionView
Alter SelfV, S1 actionView
Animal GrowthV, S1 actionView
Animal ShapesV, S, DF1 actionView
Animate ObjectsV, S1 actionView
Animate RopeV, S1 actionView
AwakenV, S, F, XPOne dayView
BarkskinV, S, DF1 actionView
Bestow CurseV, S1 actionView
Bless WaterV, S, M1 minuteView
Bless WeaponV, S1 actionView
Blindness/DeafnessV1 actionView
BlinkV, S1 actionView
Bull's StrengthV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Burning HandsV, S1 actionView
Cat's GraceV, S, M1 actionView
ChangestaffV, S, F1 full roundView
Chill MetalV, S, DF1 actionView
Control PlantsV, S, DF1 actionView
Control WaterV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Control WeatherV, S10 minutes (see text)View
Control WindsV, S1 actionView
Curse WaterV, S, M1 minuteView
DarkvisionV, S, M1 actionView
Dimension DoorV1 actionView
Diminish PlantsV, S, DF1 actionView
DisintegrateV, S, M/DF1 actionView
EnduranceV, S, DF1 actionView
EnlargeV, S, M1 actionView
EntangleV, S, DF1 actionView
EraseV, S1 actionView
Ethereal JauntV, S1 actionView
EtherealnessV, S1 actionView
Expeditious RetreatV, S1 actionView
EyebiteV, S1 actionView
FabricateV, S, MSee textView
Feather FallVSee textView
Flesh to StoneV, S, M1 actionView
FlyV, S, F/DF1 actionView
Gaseous FormS, M/DF1 actionView
Giant VerminV, S, DF1 actionView
GoodberryV, S, DF1 actionView
Greater Magic FangV, S, DF1 actionView
Greater Magic WeaponV, S, M/DF1 actionView
HasteV, S, M1 actionView
Heat MetalV, S, DF1 actionView
Iron BodyV, S, M/DF1 actionView
IronwoodV, S1 minute/lb. transformedView
JumpV, S, M1 actionView
Keen EdgeV, S1 actionView
KnockV1 actionView
LevitateV, S, F1 actionView
LiveoakV, S10 minutesView
Mage HandV, S1 actionView
Magic FangV, S, DF1 actionView
Magic StoneV, S, DF1 actionView
Magic VestmentV, S, DF1 actionView
Magic WeaponV, S, F, DF1 actionView
Make WholeV, S1 actionView
Mark of JusticeV, S, DF10 minutesView
Mass HasteV, S, M1 actionView
Meld into StoneV, S, DF1 actionView
MendingV, S1 actionView
MessageV, S, F1 actionView
Mordenkainen's LucubrationV, S1 actionView
Move EarthV, S, MSee textView
Open/CloseV, S, F1 actionView
Pass without TraceV, S, DF1 actionView
PasswallV, S, M1 actionView
Plane ShiftV, S, F1 actionView
Plant GrowthV, S, DF1 actionView
Polymorph Any ObjectV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Polymorph OtherV, S, M1 actionView
Polymorph SelfV1 actionView
PyrotechnicsV, S, M1 actionView
QuenchV, S, DF1 actionView
Rary's Mnemonic EnhancerV, S, M, F10 minutesView
ReduceV, S, M1 actionView
RefugeV, S, M1 actionView
ReincarnateV, S, DF10 minutesView
Repel WoodV, S1 actionView
Reverse GravityV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Righteous MightV, S, DF1 actionView
Rope TrickV, S, M1 actionView
Rusting GraspV, S, DF1 actionView
Sculpt SoundV, S1 actionView
Secret PageV, S, M10 minutesView
ShapechangeV, S, F1 actionView
ShillelaghV, S, DF1 actionView
Shocking GraspV, S1 actionView
Shrink ItemV, S1 actionView
SlowV, S, M1 actionView
SnareV, S, DF3 roundsView
Soften Earth and StoneV, S, DF1 actionView
SpellstaffV, S, F10 minutesView
Spider ClimbV, S, M1 actionView
Spike GrowthV, S, DF1 actionView
Spike StonesV, S, DF1 actionView
StatueV, S, M1 actionView
Stone ShapeV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Stone to FleshV, S, M1 actionView
TelekinesisV, S1 actionView
TeleportV1 actionView
Teleport without ErrorV1 actionView
Teleportation CircleV, M10 minutesView
Temporal StasisV, S, M1 actionView
Tenser's TransformationV, S, M1 actionView
Time StopV1 actionView
Transmute Metal to WoodV, S, DF1 actionView
Transmute Mud to RockV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Transmute Rock to MudV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Transport via PlantsV, S1 actionView
Tree ShapeV, S, DF1 actionView
Tree StrideV, S, DF1 actionView
VanishV1 actionView
VirtueV, S, DF1 actionView
Warp WoodV, S1 actionView
Water BreathingV, S, M/DF1 actionView
Water WalkV, S, DF1 actionView
Whispering WindV, S1 actionView
Wind WalkV, S, DF1 actionView
Wood ShapeV, S, DF1 actionView
Word of RecallV1 actionView
School: Universal
NameComponentsCasting TimeActions
Arcane MarkV, S1 actionView
Detect MagicV, S1 actionView
Limited WishV, S, XP1 actionView
PermanencyV, S, XP2 roundsView
PrestidigitationV, S1 actionView
Purify Food and DrinkV, S1 actionView
Read MagicV, S, F1 actionView
SymbolV, S, M/DF (or V, S, M for carefully engraved)1 action or 10 minutesView
WishV, XP1 actionView

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