Transport via Plants
School: Transmutation Level: Drd 6
Components:   V, S   Casting Time:   1 action  
Range:   Unlimited   Target:   The character  
Effect:      Area:     
Duration:   1 round   Saving Throw:     
Spell Resistance:      XP Cost:     
Focus:      Material Components:     

The character can enter any normal plant (Medium-size or larger) and pass any distance to a plant of the same species in a single round, regardless of the distance separating the two. The entry plant must be alive. The destination plant need not be familiar to the character, but it also must be alive. If the character is uncertain of the location of a particular kind of destination plant, the character needs merely designate direction and distance ("an oak tree one hundred miles due north of here"), and the transport via plants spell moves the character as close as possible to the desired location. If a particular destination plant is desired (the oak tree outside the character's druid grove, for instance), but the plant is not living, the spell fails and the character is ejected from the entry plant.

This spell does not function with plant creatures such as shambling mounds and treants.

The destruction of an occupied plant slays the character.


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