Leomund's Trap
School: Illusion Level: Sor/Wis 2
Components:   V, S, M   Casting Time:   1 action  
Range:   Touch   Target:   Object touched  
Effect:      Area:     
Duration:   Permanent   Saving Throw:   None  
Spell Resistance:   No   XP Cost:     
Focus:      Material Components:   A piece of iron pyrite touched to the object to be trapped while the object is sprinkled with a special dust requiring 50 gp to prepare.  

This spell makes a lock or other small mechanism seem to be trapped to anyone who can detect traps. The character places the spell upon any small mechanism or device, such as a lock, hinge, hasp, cork, screw-on cap, or ratchet. Any character able to detect traps, or who uses any spell or device enabling trap detection, is 100% certain a real trap exists. Of course, the effect is illusory and nothing happens if the trap is "sprung"; its primary purpose is to frighten away thieves or make them waste precious time.

If another Leomund’s trap is active within 50 feet when the spell is cast, the casting fails.


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