Basic Arrow Trap12,000 gpView
Camouflaged Pit Trap11,800 gpView
Deeper Pit Trap11,300 gpView
Fusillade of Darts1500 gpView
Poison Dart Trap1700 gpView
Poison Needle Trap11,300 gpView
Portcullis Trap11,400 gpView
Razor-Wire across Hallway1400 gpView
Rolling Rock Trap11,400 gpView
Scything Blade Trap11,700 gpView
Spear Trap11,200 gpView
Swinging Block Trap1500 gpView
Wall Blade Trap12,500 gpView
Box of Brown Mold23,000 gpView
Bricks from Ceiling22,400 gpView
Burning Hands Trap2500 gp, 40 XPView
Camouflaged Pit Trap23,400 gpView
Inflict Light Wounds Trap2500 gp, 40 XPView
Javelin Trap24,800 gpView
Large Net Trap23,000 gpView
Pit Trap22,000 gpView
Poison Needle Trap24,720 gpView
Spiked Pit Trap21,600 gpView
Tripping Chain23,800 gpView
Well-Camouflaged Pit Trap24,400 gpView
Acid Arrow Trap33,000 gp, 240 XPView
Burning Hands Trap32,500 gp, 200 XPView
Camouflaged Pit Trap34,800 gpView
Ceiling Pendulum314,100 gpView
Extended Bane Trap33,500 gp, 280 XPView
Fire Trap385 gp to hire NPC spellcasterView
Ghoul Touch Trap33,000 gp, 240 XPView
Hail of Needles35,400 gpView
Pit Trap33,000 gpView
Poisoned Arrow Trap32,900 gpView
Spiked Pit Trap33,600 gpView
Stone Blocks from Ceiling35,400 gpView
Bestow Curse Trap48,000 gp, 640 XPView
Camouflaged Pit Trap46,800 gpView
Collapsing Column48,800 gpView
Glyph of Warding (Blast)4350 gp to hire NPC spellcasterView
Lightning Bolt Trap47,500 gp, 600 XPView
Pit Trap44,000 gpView
Poisoned Dart Trap412,090 gpView
Sepia Snake Sigil Trap4650 gp to hire NPC spellcasterView
Spiked Pit Trap44,000 gpView
Wall Scythe Trap417,200 gpView
Water-Filled Room Trap411,200 gpView
Wide-Mouth Spiked Pit Trap47,200 gpView
Camouflaged Pit Trap58,500 gpView
Doorknob Smeared with Contact Poison59,650 gpView
Falling Block Trap515,000 gpView
Fire Trap5305 gp to hire NPC spellcasterView
Fireball Trap512,000 gp, 960 XPView
Flooding Room Trap517,500 gpView
Fusillade of Darts518,000 gpView
Moving Executioner Statue522,500 gpView
Phantasmal Killer Trap514,000 gp, 1,120 XPView
Pit Trap55,000 gpView
Poison Wall Spikes512,650 gpView
Spiked Pit Trap513,500 gpView
Spiked Pit Trap (80 Ft. Deep)55,000 gpView
Ungol Dust Vapor Trap59,000 gpView
Built-to-Collapse Wall615,000 gpView
Compacting Room625,200 gpView
Flame Strike Trap622,750 gp, 1,820 XPView
Fusillade of Spears631,200 gpView
Glyph of Warding (Blast)6680 gp to hire NPC spellcasterView
Lightning Bolt Trap615,000 gp, 1,200 XPView
Spiked Blocks from Ceiling621,600 gpView
Spiked Pit Trap (100 Ft. Deep)66,000 gpView
Whirling Poison Blades630,200 gpView
Wide-Mouth Pit Trap628,200 gpView
Wyvern Arrow Trap617,400 gpView
Acid Fog Trap733,000 gp, 2,640 XPView
Black Tentacles Trap71,400 gp, 112 XPView
Blade Barrier Trap733,000 gp, 2,640 XPView
Burnt Othur Vapor Trap717,500 gpView
Chain Lightning Trap733,000 gp, 2,640 XPView
Fusillade of Greenblood Oil Darts733,000 gpView
Lock Covered in Dragon Bile711,300 gpView
Summon Monster VI Trap73,300 gp, 264 XPView
Water-Filled Room721,000 gpView
Well-Camouflaged Pit Trap724,500 gpView
Acid Arrow Trap883,500 gp, 4,680 XPView
Deathblade Wall Scythe831,400 gpView
Destruction Trap845,500 gp, 3,640 XPView
Earthquake Trap845,500 gp, 3,640 XPView
Insanity Mist Vapor Trap823,900 gpView
Power Word Stun Trap84,550 gp, 364 XPView
Prismatic Spray Trap845,500 gp, 3,640 XPView
Reverse Gravity Trap845,500 gp, 3,640 XPView
Well-Camouflaged Pit Trap816,000 gpView
Word of Chaos Trap846,000 gp, 3,680 XPView
Drawer Handle Smeared with Contact P921,600 gpView
Dropping Ceiling912,600 gpView
Incendiary Cloud Trap960,000 gp, 4,800 XPView
Wide-Mouth Pit Trap940,500 gpView
Wide-Mouth Spiked Pit with Poisoned 911,910 gpView
Crushing Room1029,000 gpView
Crushing Wall Trap1025,000 gpView
Energy Drain Trap10124,000 gp, 7,920 XPView
Forcecage and Summon Monster VII tra10241,000 gp, 7,280 XPView
Poisoned Spiked Pit Trap1019,700 gpView
Wail of the Banshee Trap1076,500 gp, 6,120 XPView