Message (Language-Dependent)
School: Transmutation Level: Sor/Wis 0, Brd 0
Components:   V, S, F   Casting Time:   1 action  
Range:   Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)   Target:   One creature/level  
Effect:      Area:     
Duration:   10 minutes/level   Saving Throw:   None  
Spell Resistance:   No   XP Cost:     
Focus:      Material Components:     

The character can whisper messages and receive whispered replies with little chance of being overheard. The character points a finger at each creature to be included in the spell effect. When the character whispers, the whispered message is audible to all of the targeted creatures who are within range. Magical silence, 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal (or a thin sheet of lead), or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks the spell. The message, however, does not have to travel in a straight line. It can circumvent a barrier if there is an open path between the character and the subject, and the path’s entire length lies within the spell’s range. The creatures who receive the message can whisper a reply that the character hears. The spell transmits sound, not meaning. It doesn’t transcend language barriers.

Note: To speak a message, the character must mouth the words and whisper, possibly allowing trained rogues the opportunity to read the character's lips.


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