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Size & Type (subtype):Large Outsider (Evil, Fire, Lawful)Hit Dice:10d8+20 (65)
Initiative:   +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)   Speed:   20 ft., fly 40 ft. (perfect)  
Armor Class:   18 (-1 size, +3 Dex, +6 natural)   Attacks:   Slam +15/+10 melee  
Damage:   Slam 1d8+9 and 1d6 fire   Face and Reach:   5 ft. by 5 ft./10 ft.  
Special Attacks:   Spell-like abilities, heat   Special Qualities:   Plane shift, telepathy  
Saving Throws  Fortitude: 9  
Reflex: 10  
Will: 9  
Abilities:   Str: 23
Dex: 17
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 15
Cha: 15
Skills:   Bluff +12, Concentration +16, Escape Artist +13, Intimidate +11, Listen +12, Move Silently +13, Sense Motive +11, Spellcraft +11, Spot +12   Feats:   Combat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative  
Climate and Terrain:   Any land   Climate:   cold,temperate,warm  
Terrain:   desert,forest,hill,marsh,mountains,plains   Organization:   Solitary, company (2-4), or band (6-15)  
Challenge Rating:   8   Challenge Rating Value:   8  
Treasure:   Standard coins; double goods; standard items   Alignment:   Always lawful evil  
Advancement:   11-15 HD (Large); 16-30 HD (Huge)  


Efreet speak Ignan, Common, Auran, and Infernal.


Spell-Like Abilities: At will: produce flame and pyrotechnics; 1/day-grant up to three wishes (to nongenies only), detect magic, enlarge, gaseous form, invisibility, permanent image, polymorph self, and wall of fire. These abilities are as the spells cast by an 18th-level sorcerer (save DC 12 + spell level).

Heat (Ex): An efreeti's red-hot body deals 1d6 points of additional fire damage whenever it hits in melee, or when grappling, each round it maintains a hold.

Fire Subtype (Ex): Fire immunity, double damage from cold except on a successful save.

Plane Shift (Sp): A genie can enter any of the elemental planes, the Astral Plane, or the Material Plane. This ability transports the genie and up to six other creatures, provided they all link hands with the genie. It is otherwise similar to the spell of the same name.

Telepathy (Su): A genie can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet that has a language.


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