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Size & Type (subtype):Medium-Size PlantHit Dice:2d8+2 (11)
Initiative:   -5 (Int)   Speed:   0 ft.  
Armor Class:   13 (+3 natural)   Attacks:     
Damage:      Face and Reach:   5 ft. by 5 ft./0 ft.  
Special Attacks:   Shriek   Special Qualities:   Plant  
Saving Throws  Fortitude: 4  
Will: -4  
Abilities:   Str:
Con: 13
Int: 1
Wis: 2
Cha: 1
Skills:      Feats:     
Climate and Terrain:   Any underground   Climate:   cold,temperate,warm  
Terrain:   underground   Organization:   Solitary or patch (3-5)  
Challenge Rating:   1   Challenge Rating Value:   1  
Treasure:   None   Alignment:   Always neutral  
Advancement:   3 HD (Medium-size)  


Plant: Immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, and polymorphing. Not subject to critical hits.

Shriek (Ex): Movement or a light source within 10 feet of a shrieker causes the fungus to emit a piercing sound that lasts for 1d3 rounds. The sound attracts nearby creatures that are disposed to investigate it. Some creatures that live near shriekers learn that the fungus's noise means there is food nearby.


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