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Elf:Half Elf
Size & Type (subtype):Medium-Size Humanoid (Elf)Hit Dice:1d8-1 (3)
Initiative:   +1 (Dex)   Speed:   30 ft.  
Armor Class:   15 (+1 Dex, +3 studded leather, +1 small shield)   Attacks:   Longsword +1 melee; or longbow +2 ranged  
Damage:   Longsword 1d8; or longbow 1d8   Face and Reach:   5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.  
Special Attacks:      Special Qualities:   Low-light vision, elven traits  
Saving Throws  Fortitude: 1  
Reflex: 1  
Will: 0  
Abilities:   Str: 10
Dex: 13
Con: 8
Int: 11
Wis: 11
Cha: 11
Skills:   Hide +1, Listen +3, Search +3, Spot +2   Feats:   Weapon Focus (longbow)  
Climate and Terrain:   Any land   Climate:   cold,temperate,warm  
Terrain:   desert,forest,hill,marsh,mountains,plains   Organization:   Company (2-4), squad (11-20 plus 2 3rd-level sergeants and 1 leader of 3rd-6th level), or band (30-100 plus 20% noncombatants plus 1 3rd-level sergeant per 10 adults, 5 5th-level lieutenants, and 3 7th-level captains)  
Challenge Rating:   1/2   Challenge Rating Value:   0.5  
Treasure:   Standard   Alignment:   Usually chaotic good  
Advancement:   By character class  


Half-elves speak Elven, and most also know Common and Sylvan.


Elves are cautious warriors and take time to analyze their opponents and the location of the fight if at all possible, maximizing their advantage by using ambushes, snipers, and camouflage. They prefer to fire from cover and retreat before they are found, repeating this maneuver until all of their enemies are dead. Their wizards often use sleep spells during combat because these won't affect other elves.

Half-Elven Traits (Ex): These are in addition to the basic elf traits, except where noted here.

  • Proficient with longsword, rapier, longbow, composite longbow, shortbow, and composite shortbow, regardless of character class.
  • Immunity to magic sleep spells and effects.
  • +2 racial bonus to Will saves against enchantment spells or effects.
  • Low-Light Vision: Half-elves can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, etc.
  • +1 racial bonus to Search, Spot, and Listen checks.

Half-Elf Characters

A half-elf can choose any class as his or her favored class.


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