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Size & Type (subtype):Large Outsider (Good, Lawful)Hit Dice:9d8+18 (58)
Initiative:   +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)   Speed:   20 ft., fly 60 ft. (good)  
Armor Class:   15 (-1 size, +3 Dex, +3 natural)   Attacks:   Bite +12 melee  
Damage:   Bite 1d3+6 and poison   Face and Reach:   5 ft. by 5 ft. (coiled)/5 ft.  
Special Attacks:   Spells, psionics, poison, constrict 2d8+6   Special Qualities:   Telepathy, ethereal jaunt  
Saving Throws  Fortitude: 8  
Reflex: 9  
Will: 10  
Abilities:   Str: 18
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 17
Wis: 19
Cha: 17
Skills:   Concentration +14, Knowledge (any three) +8, Listen +16,Search +15, Sense Motive +16, Spellcraft +15, Spot +16, Tumble +15   Feats:   Dodge, Improved Initiative, Still Spell  
Climate and Terrain:   Warm forest   Climate:   warm  
Terrain:   forest   Organization:   Solitary, pair, or flight (3-6)  
Challenge Rating:   10   Challenge Rating Value:   10  
Treasure:   Standard   Alignment:   Always lawful good  
Advancement:   10-13 HD (Large); 14-27 HD (Huge)  


Couatls speak Common, Draconic, and Celestial and also have the power of telepathy.


A couatl seldom attacks without provocation, though it always attacks evildoers caught red-handed. Since it is highly intelligent, a couatl usually casts spells from a distance before closing. If more than one couatl is involved, they discuss their strategy before a battle.

Spells: A couatl casts spells as a 9th-level sorcerer, except that it does not need material components. It can also cast spells from the cleric list and from the Air, Good, and Law domains as arcane spells.

Psionics (Su): At will: detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, detect thoughts, invisibility, plane shift, and polymorph self. These abilities are as the spells cast by a 9th-level sorcerer (save DC 13 + spell level).

Poison (Ex): Bite, Fortitude save (DC 16); initial damage 2d4 temporary Strength, secondary damage 4d4 temporary Strength.

Constrict (Ex): A couatl deals 2d8+6 points of damage with a successful grapple check against Huge or smaller creatures. Often, a couatl uses a stilled and quickened spell against other opponents while constricting a foe.

Telepathy (Su): A couatl can communicate telepathically with any creature within 90 feet that has an Intelligence score of at least 1. The creature can respond to the couatl if it wishes-no common language is needed.

Ethereal Jaunt (Su): This works like the spell as cast by a 16th-level sorcerer.

Skills: Arcana, history, and nature are favored Knowledge skills among couatls.


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