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Size & Type (subtype):Medium-Size Undead (Incorporeal)Hit Dice:3d12 (19)
Initiative:   +2 (Dex)   Speed:   30 ft., fly 40 ft. (good)  
Armor Class:   13 (+2 Dex, +1 deflection)   Attacks:   Incorporeal touch +3 melee  
Damage:   Incorporeal touch 1d6 temporary Strength   Face and Reach:   5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.  
Special Attacks:   Strength damage, create spawn   Special Qualities:   Undead, incorporeal, +2 turn resistance  
Saving Throws  Fortitude: 1  
Reflex: 3  
Will: 4  
Abilities:   Str:
Dex: 14
Int: 6
Wis: 12
Cha: 13
Skills:   Hide +8, Intuit Direction +5, Listen +7, Spot +7   Feats:     
Climate and Terrain:   Any land and underground   Climate:   cold,temperate,warm  
Terrain:   desert,forest,hill,marsh,mountains,plains,underground   Organization:   Solitary, gang (2-5), or swarm (6-11)  
Challenge Rating:   3   Challenge Rating Value:   3  
Treasure:   None   Alignment:   Always chaotic evil  
Advancement:   4-9 HD (Medium-size)  



Strength Damage (Su): The touch of a shadow deals 1d6 points of temporary Strength damage to a living foe. A creature reduced to Strength 0 by a shadow dies.

Create Spawn (Su): Any humanoid reduced to Strength 0 by a shadow becomes a shadow under the control of its killer within 1d4 rounds.

Undead: Immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, and disease. Not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, energy drain, or death from massive damage.

Incorporeal: Can be harmed only by other incorporeal creatures, +1 or better magic weapons, or magic, with a 50% chance to ignore any damage from a corporeal source. Can pass through solid objects at will, and own attacks pass through armor. Always moves silently.


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